Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday brunch; Really local, Really fresh

It started with Dave asking if I wanted some of the shrooms growing out of his cardboard box Mushroom garden.

Dave cut a bunch of mushrooms for me.

Then we went out and collected fresh green onions.

Then I went to the hoop house for spinach.

All those fresh ingredients called for and omelet. So we went over to Ryan's house for some really fresh eggs.

I chopped and Ryan cooked.

It was really good!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update on the chicken fortress

Now the roof is on.

It is a great place to hang the garden tools too.

Today the new baby chicks learning how to use their new home.

Makin' Mushrooms

Dave and friends are packing soggy straw into cardboard boxes. With each handful of wet straw, they sprinkle a handful of mushroom spores. When full, the boxes get stuffed into a closet for a month.

Then the boxes come out into the light and the fungus starts to grow fruiting bodies (edible and tasty).

After a month in the closet, the fungus ate through this box and is already starting to fruit.