Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boxed in

The NARC is all walled in. That means a fragile period is over. It is now much stronger and less likely to be blown over by an evil gust of wind.

Also the driveway is nicely shaped.

Narc progress

The Newbold ARC is getting the floor trusses installed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ARCs and SPARCs and NARCs

HUG's long term project is to create Agricultural Resilient Communities. We have picked up the habit of calling the individual houses we build "ARCs".
The house that we started on campus in 2008 is called ARC08.

We intended to name ARCs by the year they were started, but now we are starting several per year. Then we noticed that almost any letters you put in front of ARC forms a word.
ARC 09 is on campus and is Small and Practical, so we call it the SPARC.
Newbolds are building their NARC just off campus.
Dug's new cabin tends to be called the DARC.

Heating pipes in the foundation for the SPARC

The concrete was poured last Friday. The SPARC is now ready for walls.

Walls going up on the NARC

ARC08 Landscape drainage

Shawn is digging in the drainage tile that will take water away from the roof without dumping ice on the walking paths.