Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Local Eatin'

One of HUG's core missions is to "Shorten the Loop." Which, among other things, boils down to "keep your food local."
While this is an admirable goal, the most basic reason to keep your food local is simply taste! The freshest and most tasty food you will eat will be the food that is grown closest to your own home. Therefore, we decided to put our money where our mouths were, so to speak.

We raised 20 chickens over the winter. With proper care and handling they have thrived, even in the cold winter. During the winter, the egg production diminished. However, once more sunlight became present, we started to experience up to a dozen eggs a day.

They make the best quiche!

While these hens are aged beyond the 6-8 weeks looked at for the best tasting meat, they can still be used for soups and broths.

Moreover, not only do chickens produce food for us, but their manure makes the best fertilizer. We're planning on using their manure to fertilize our gardens this spring, which in turn will help us make the freshest and most tasty vegetables. Why? Because they come from our own backyard!

What else do you think you can do to keep your food local?